Web Strategy & Planning

Devise a strategy involving project specifications, design, and ultimately coding and website launch

First Things First

Our proven strategy involves taking our client though a few different phase form project conception to project completion. First we have an initial review where we discuss what the goals for the website will be, this is what we call the Project Kick-off.

Immediately following the Kick-off, is Discovery Time, which is where GoingClear and the client discuss the website project in depth. Once Discovery Time has finished, we will construct a Client Preview Area (CPA) web page for you the client. This is where you’ll be able to track your project throughout it’s Lifecycle.

Within the CPA page, there will also be a Web Project Elements (WPE) document that outlines the scope of the project in depth.Then, after a client approves the Web Project Elements document, the project moves into the Design phase, where we hand our designer the WPE and they make their design magic happen! This generally takes about 2 weeks, at which time we update your CPA with multiple design for you to review.

This is the clients opportunity to pick a design direction and make a few tweaks as they see fit. Upon client approval of the designs we move into the Production / Coding / Development stage. In other words Goingclear will now take those beautiful designs and make a them a website reality.

Fast forward, and after some revisions and content updating, GoingClear is ready to Test your new website and Launch!