Harnessing the Power of Social Good

Who They Are

iPrytaneum let’s you live and share what you’re passionate about. We let you easily create challenges that YOU want to do, support causes YOU care about. Giving Back and having a blast with friends has never been easier. Receive a Challenge is where a user can receive a challenge either from a friend or from an NPO that they follow. Users get to spread awareness for causes they are passionate about and NPOs can utilize their passionate contributors to spread awareness and create challenges in the community. Complete the Challenge is when one person challenges another, the winner of the challenge chooses their charity to receive support and the loser is encouraged to either spread the campaign on Facebook or donate to the charity. Share the Experience on Facebook. The winner is encouraged to post a photo or video proof of the completion of the challenge, but the user has complete control and can maintain privacy if desired. Most of the time, both users share the story on Facebook, and so each challenge can create two social media posts to spread awareness.

What We Did

iPrytaneum was an exciting project. From the custom web app dashboard pages designs, to UX planning, to the in-house week long Design Sprint getting clear on user goals, end results and how iPrytaneum will go to market. We design a custom set of User Dashboard pages for two user types. One for the front-end user and one for the NPO - Non Profit Organization that would be leveraging this platform to run social campaigns and track its success. The Startup team behind iPrytaneum was beyond passionate and really assisted in solid discovery and feedback during design presentations along with front-end development and coding. Although the site is not live, we've shared screen-shots of the different custom dashboard page designs we've completed, were approved and looking pretty sharp we may add!

Project Type

High Performance Websites
Web Apps
Year Built: 2015


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