Head Coolie

About Client

HeadCoolie™ is a unique reusable adjustable headband designed to provide non-chemical, non-prescription therapeutic relief for fever discomfort and headaches of all kinds, including migraines. The HeadCoolie™ system combines a high tech adjustable headband with an internal pocket that hold our unique light weight and reusable cold inserts conveniently and comfortably on your forehead or neck. HeadCoolie™ wraps comfortably to your head and provides a soothing, consistent pressure that gently cools and compresses blood vessels to help relieve the discomfort and pain of fevers and headaches, including migraines. The HeadCoolie™ is insulated to retain cold longer and its adjustable strap and Velcro strap keep it comfortably in place. The HeadCoolie™ state of the art technology includes a unique patented re-usable cold therapy system that far exceeds anything else available on the market.

Solutions Executed

  • Discovery & Planning of Internet Goals
  • Branding Enhancement
  • Internet Strategy
  • Functional Specifications Documentation
  • Site Architecture + Sitemap
  • eCommerce Merchant Account setup assistance
  • Payment Gateway account configuration
  • Optimized Web Administrator to enhance eCommerce portion of pages
  • Project Management
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • Social Media Shortcut Link Integration
  • Custom Application / Partner forms with Auto Email system
  • eNewsletter Sign Up Integration

Project Type

Business Website Packages
eCommerce Websites


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