Aspen Law

About Client

AspenLaw Studydesk is dynamic productivity software that helps you take control of your law school studies. Unlike other software, AspenLaw Studydesk was created by a law student specifically for law school. And it is the only software available that lets you utilize digital eBook versions of our popular study aids – like Casenote Legal Briefs, Emanuel Law Outlines and Examples & Explanations.

What GoingClear Interactive did

GoingClear Interactive developed a flash-web-based online interactive demo which served as the product demo for law students across the country.  This interactive demo includes five sub-sections, voice narrated screen-shot walk through elements, full navigation and web optimized structure for display on the product website as well as developing a version to be included on a cd-rom that was included in the initial packaging of the product.

Project Type

High Performance Websites


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